How it works

The most common query received by us at Aone Outsourcing Solutions is regarding how the actual process of outsourcing works. We incorporate a number of different methods to complete the accounting tasks for our clients. Our company is rated as one of the best accounting outsourcing services in India. Hence, you can be assured that we always uphold the highest level of integrity in any method used by us.

We ensure efficient solutions for all your organisation’s accounting functions including bookkeeping, tax returns, payroll, year-end financial accounts and accounts payable/receivable. Our professionals use industry-leading licensed accounting systems, cutting-edge remote applications and harness the power of the cloud for facilitating swift accounting workflows. Regardless of the processes used, you should always expect the highest quality of accounting work from us.

The three main methods we use to offer our accounting outsourcing solutions are –

Online software –
Many of our clients enjoy the convenience of hassle-free and less time-consuming online software accounting solutions provided by us. Our experts utilise cloud-based online accounting software to process accounting data and perform all necessary actions. Clients then receive the resultant information and can start the review process.

The key steps involved in accounting outsourcing with online software are –

  • Clients send their documents to us via Google Drive, Dropbox or through emails of scanned copies
  • Our professionals perform accounting tasks online, enter values and save the files


Offline software – Numerous businesses are concerned about the security of their data and choose the offline software method of outsourcing their accounting to us. As the best accounting outsourcing services in India, we are proficient in both online and offline processes. With this method, you can be assured that the data will be saved on your organisation’s server.

The fundamental steps for offline software-based accounting outsourcing are:

  • Client shares data documents via Dropbox, Google Drive, or scan/email
  • Client sends us a copy of their accounting software file
  • Our professionals perform necessary actions and changes are saved on your system
  • Backup versions of updated software files are sent to clients


Remote PC –This is an accounting method that does not involve the transfer of any data between your organisation and us. Using cutting-edge remote access software, our accounting professionals will be able to perform all tasks right before your eyes. This process involves establishing a stable Internet connection to your computer system.

The basic steps required for us to perform accounting tasks through remote PC access are –

  • Using remote access service desk applications like TeamViewer or AnyDesk to gain access
  • Saving of source documents to the connected computer system by clients
  • Client granting access to accounting application to be utilised by us
  • Our experts perform the appropriate accounting tasks, save changes, and give up access


We can use any of the three methods based on what your workflow demands. Get in touch with us to address your accounting outsourcing services.