Covid-19 response

As the world is still grappling with the overwhelming pandemic, how we work and deliver our services have may be changed forever. Just like any organization serving a global clientele we promptly responded to keep our employees safe, comply with the local laws, and at the same time provide uninterrupted services to our clients spread across multiple countries.

The pandemic took into its grip various aspects of life extremely fast. There were lockdowns within one week. Most of the organizations, including Aone Outsourcing Solutions, were caught off-guard. But within a few days we assembled an infrastructure that would enable our employees to render their accounting and bookkeeping services from home. We established secure connections. We arranged the needed software and hardware.

Fortunately for us, since we are already providing offshore services, we have most of the provisions to work remotely. Our employees are already accustomed to delivering their work from their computers. The only difference was, instead of sitting in an office, they were working from home.

Covid-19 response

Covid-19 response

We are in the second year of the pandemic. Most of the businesses have adapted to the new norms. Sometimes we come to our offices, and sometimes you work from our respective homes. We are all working in a hybrid work environment. When we are not able to come to the office, we hold regular video meetings to keep everyone streamlined and on the same page. We maintain regular work logs.

None of our services have suffered and we would like to assure our clients based in Australia, Canada, Ireland, United kingdom and United States that our business is structured in such a manner that all our employees can carry out their duties from their respective homes, if need be, through a completely secure environment. Our checks and balances ensure that only authorized devices can access our systems and client data.

In terms of health, whenever we meet, we maintain strict social distancing norms. When people come to our office, masks and sanitization are mandatory. All our workers have been vaccinated and they have also received booster shots.

We value the health of our employees and clients.