The process and workflow of our accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services

The process and workflow of our accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services

The efficiency of any business depends on its processes and workflows that are defined and established over years of hard work, client interactions, observation and fine tuning, and real-time feedback from clients and customers. The same holds true for Aone Outsourcing Solutions.

In fact, for offshore services like ours, well-defined processes and workflows are even more important because 100% of the services are delivered online. There is no scope for miscommunication or misunderstanding.

With 24 x 7 connectivity, working from thousands of miles away these days is as good as working in the adjacent room but still, due to physical distance, it is important that all the processes and workflows are vetted and communicated in their fullness.

How our processes and workflows work is also one of the first questions that our clients ask from us because, naturally, they wonder how we are going to obtain raw data, process it, and then deliver it remotely in its entire beauty?

The following are the most important focus areas of our process and workflow:
  • Getting raw information from clients as fast as possible, and in as easy a manner as possible
  • Converting the digitally transferred information to text-based information and then entering it into the accounting systems preferred by individual clients
  • Making sure that all the information is entered under appropriate headers, accounts, and sections
  • Delivering the information and data in its impeccable form back to the client, ready for record-keeping, analytics, higher end business decisions, marketing, forecasting, or in whichever manner the client would like to use the accounting information

Getting raw information from clients

This needs to work perfectly from both the ends. If it is difficult for the clients to transfer the raw data to us it defeats the entire purpose because it can be quite demotivating, time consuming, and worse, expensive. Hence, we have made the process of transferring raw data to us as easy as possible.

This transfer should become an integral part of the work process on the client side. It should be so easy that their employees shouldn't even realize that they are having to do something extra or having to adopt a new technology.

Once a client decides to partner with us, we create a dedicated cloud drive for the client. This cloud drive is completely secure and encrypted.

The client can use the default camera app to scan paper documents and directly share it to the cloud drive. We can also suggest the apps that we recommend to our clients.

Fortunately, lots of documentation these days happens digitally. These digital documents can be directly transferred to us.

For cloud storage we can use Dropbox, Google Drive , OneDrive.

Converting digital information into text-based information

This is achieved with a mix of manual data entry and advanced, AI-powered optical character recognition software. But mostly manual, because this is sensitive information and even a small oversight by the software can lead to a cascading effect.

The information needs to be entered by trained and experienced bookkeepers and then verified by accountants. All this process happens on our side. The information is captured and entered into the client's preferred accounting software. These days, most of the accounting software applications are cloud-based. Some of the applications preferred by our clients include Xero, QBO, Wave accounting software.

Do some clients prefer off-line software? Yes, they do, due to elevated security concerns. For them, we obtain a copy of the software, enter the information, export the data, encrypt it, and then digitally transfer it to the client.


We can either enter the data using our systems and then export the files to deliver the data to the client, or we can straightaway enter the values using the cloud-based accounting system preferred by the client.

We can also use the remote connection to access off-line software to enter the data directly into the client's systems.

In the remote connection access method the data doesn't need to be transferred between different companies. It is directly entered into your systems remotely. When we use remote connection to access off-line software, the client gives us access to the system and our bookkeepers and accountants add the information in real-time, using a secure Internet connection. Through one-on-one encryption the data cannot be intercepted midway.

Our ultimate goal is to make accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing as rewarding and easy as possible. One cannot happen at the cost of the other. We must be able to save you from the hassle of transferring and receiving data. Our service must add value. We must be able to lower your operational costs and enhance your efficiency. All our processes and workflows are designed keeping these in mind.

Getting Start with AONE


Are you planning to use outsourcing for the first time or transitioning from another service provider and would like to know our onboarding process? How does the entire process of offshoring work at both the ends? In this section we explain in detail.

We have worked and delivered in the rough and tumble of the outsourcing industry for more than 11 years. During these years we haven’t just served our clients well, we have also learned from the various situations that are bound to arise when different parties and technologies are involved.

Accordingly, we have honed our processes and have been trying to make them as foolproof as possible. From doing a trial job to demonstrate our capabilities and commitment to assigning the right processes and technologies as per your business needs, we take care of everything at our end.
Below is the step-by-step description:

  1. Communicate for the first time and get to know each other

  2. Share our price options for various accounting, bookkeeping and tax services

  3. Schedule a video meet to talk face-to-face and find out more about each other, especially your requirements and our processes, technology and systems to ensure seamless deliverables

  4. Send a nondisclosure Non-Disclosure Agreement ( NDA) for both the parties to sign

  5. Once the NDA is signed, we assign an account manager to your work, and your work is initiated