The dynamic and qualified team behind Aone Outsourcing Solutions

Aone Outsourcing Solutions is backed by tremendous talent, experience, and domain knowledge. The company draws expertise from varied fields of business and finance but at the helm, there is a team that makes sure that ultimate tenets of ethics are maintained, and highly professional and efficient services are provided to the clients in various countries.

Deepak Rajput

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Marketing Officer

Poonam Rajput

Chief Operating Officer

Bhavani Shankar

Chief Growth Officer

Indu Anandan

Chief Tax Officer

Abhinav Bhatnagar

Project Controller

Michael Rafferty

Advisor to CEO & COO


Branch Manager

Vineet Verma

Project Controller

Akash Gangwar

Project Controller

Jyoti Sharma

Project Controller

Gopalsamy Narayanasamy

Project Controller

Sudha Verma

Project Controller