Indu Anandan

Chief Tax Officer

With her 12 years’ experience in personal and business taxes, Indu closely works with Bhavani Shankar and Deepak Rajput. She keeps a close watch on the various developments taking place in the field of international taxation and then makes that knowledge and know-how available to our team. Through her deep expertise in cross-border taxation she helps Aone Outsourcing Solutions take care of the interests of our clients who deal with the issues of cross-border taxation and finance laws.

Aside from these, she is also responsible for quality & compliance. She makes sure that all our accounting and finance software and technologies are up-to-date. She oversees the training of our staff and additionally, she ensures that our commitments to our clients are met with uncompromising dedication.

Her other responsibilities include

Strategic planning

Customer service

Staff management

Boardroom management

Performance management

She loves going on long drives and enjoys family time with her husband (Bhavani Shankar) and her child Karru.