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Efficient & cost-effective outsourced accounting services in UK based Public accounting firms

As a professional accounting firm, you are handling tons of data when you are managing accounting books and tax calculations for multiple businesses. From simple bookkeeping to advanced reporting to compliances, sometimes thousands of entries need to be made with little or no scope for errors. This is where our accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services can help you.

In the post-Covid times, cost-cutting is no longer an option to be considered among other alternatives – it can be crucial to your survival. Cost-cutting doesn’t mean compromising on quality. In the professions of accounting and bookkeeping, quality and accuracy must be non-negotiable.

Many professional accounting firms in the UK offload their accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services to Aone Outsourcing Solutions. We use a combination of experience, insights, and technology to remotely feed accurate data into your systems. This data can be used for balancing accounts, generating reports, adhering to compliances, maintaining financial records, calculating taxes and deductions, and attending to a plethora of other fiscal and monetary obligations.

The benefits of outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping services from the UK?

With an increasing number of accounting outsourcing firms in the UK using offshore partners for their accounting, bookkeeping, and tax-related activities, there is now a greater understanding of the overarching benefits of outsourcing such services. Some of these benefits include:

  • Lower operational costs: When you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping needs you don’t need to maintain an on-site staff. Which means you don’t need extra space. You save on heating and cooling. You save on insurance. You save on resources such as broadband, electricity, parking space, and office stationery. No legal costs
  • Better utilization of time and internal resources: Bookkeeping and data entry, although highly critical, are repetitive and time-consuming activities. Your time, and the time of your employees, is better spent on activities that must be undertaken internally. You can focus on taking care of more important tasks and growing your business
  • Greater access to talent: There is no need to depend on local talent that can be limiting and scarce (and consequently, expensive)
  • Day-night interval benefits: Although the time interval between India and the UK isn’t as significant as between India and Australia or India and the USA, still, a few hours of difference can give you a huge advantage. A big chunk of your data may already be in your systems by the time your office begins in the morning
  • Accuracy: Since a dedicated team of accountants and bookkeepers will be adding your records, the degree of accuracy will be greater, and you will be able to rest assured that the data that you are using for your clients is up to the mark. On the other hand, your in-house employees may have multiple responsibilities and may end up inadvertently making lots of errors

The services that we provide include

Below we explain the individual services in some detail.

As you already know, bookkeeping is a process of recording financial transactions of a business. If as a public accounting firm, you are providing financial management services to your clients, bookkeeping is an integral part of your services. Bookkeeping is a subfield of accounting. It does not deal with auditing, taxes, and other types of financial analysis, but it is the backbone of all these processes because unless you have the right data, you have nothing to process.

Bookkeeping is a service that no company – whether you are a public accounting firm in UK or any other business – can do without.

It is repetitive. It is highly specialized. It is costly. It can be easily outsourced. You can save a lot by outsourcing bookkeeping to an offshore company like ours.

If you are handling books for many clients as a certified accounting firm in UK, you’re responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial details of your clients. The important components of bookkeeping may involve in various degrees:

  • Data entry : Recording all the financial transactions whether incoming or outgoing, and balancing the books.
  • Bank reconciliation : Cross-referencing the financial books against the bank statements of your clients as well as other financial documents to ensure accuracy
  • AR/AP : Handling accounts receivable and accounts payable

Here are the main attributes of bookkeeping

  • Set up a Chart of Account
  • Creating Rules of Banking Transactions
  • Maintaining historical accounts
  • Recording Banking Transactions and Reconciliation of Banks
  • Posting Journal Entries
  • Maintaining the Payroll
  • Updating general Ledgers
  • Recording all the Bills and Invoices
  • Maintaining Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Maintaining Fixed Assets and Depreciation Schedule
  • Producing Unaudited Accounts whether on monthly, Quarterly, Annual Basis

In bookkeeping you are mostly entering data into the accounting system manually. You may need to enter numbers – under the right accounts/categories – from paper slips or digital documents. It’s repetitive work. Requires basic knowledge of accounting. You need to hire qualified people. Hence, it can be expensive

you should outsource bookkeeping because

  • It can be easily outsourced
  • It improves your efficiency levels
  • You can take on more work
  • You reduce operational costs

A system can be easily established – already being followed by accounting firms all over the UK – that enables your employees to upload digital documents and the scanned copies of bills, invoices and receipts quite easily onto a cloud storage service from where they can be accessed by your offshore bookkeeping partner like Aone Outsourcing Solutions.

We have a team of experienced bookkeepers who will download the data from the cloud service, extract the needed information, and then enter it under the right accounts, categories and headers. You can completely rely on our services for accuracy and timeliness. We can suggest an app to enable your employees to upload (or the employees of your clients) the scanned documents and forward the digital documents, or you can devise a system on your own.

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Under the new VAT compliances, you need to share detailed transactional data that can fall under value added tax. VAT reconciliation involves grouping your financial transactions (the financial transactions of your clients, in this context) under various VAT handling codes. Businesses and organizations are legally required to provide data pertaining to VAT calculations accruing from various transactions.

Reconciliation in accounting means comparing two sets of records to make sure that they match. If there is a mismatch, there is some discrepancy in the figures and the account books need to be checked, especially the general ledger. Not just discrepancies, reconciliation also helps you find traces of a fraud or the cooking of the books.

Due to the complex nature of doing business in the contemporary world, VAT reconciliation and calculation can be complex and complicated in nature. It requires expertise, and expertise can be expensive in a country like UK.

As a public accounting firm in UK if you’re helping your clients with VAT reconciliation, you can outsource the service to Aone Outsourcing Solutions. We can help you with calculating input and output VAT calculations that you can then submit to the tax authorities with full confidence. From tedious and monotonous jobs of entering data into the systems to conducting complex analysis to making sure that your clients are not overpaying VAT or getting themselves in legal tangles by unintentionally underpaying, we can take over the entire process remotely.

This services include the followings:-

  • Recording business transactions to correct accounting code
  • Ensuring VAT amount taken from Tax Invoice
  • Preparing the List of all the missing invoices
  • Reviewing General ledger and do comparative Analysis to each account
  • Preparing VAT Reconciliation work papers

With our services, there is no need to hire full-time in-house tax experts, bookkeepers and accountants for VAT reconciliation. From maintaining your records to validating and checking individual entries, we can provide you the entire spectrum of VAT reconciliation services.

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End-of-year accounting, or year-end accounting, is performed to balance and then close the accounting books for a 12-month period. It is also called the fiscal year-end. Depending on how accounting information has been maintained throughout the year, end-of-year accounting can be easy or a Herculean task.

During this process you scour through all the entries and make sure that both the sides of the books are balanced. This also gives you a chance to spot and correct errors or adjust, if finding the exact discrepancies is not possible. Once you have gone through the books, balanced them, and officially “closed” them, you have enough information to calculate how much tax you need to pay and how much you can save. This exercise also lets you know whether your business was profitable or loss-making during the financial year just gone by.

As an experienced public accounting firm, you’re well aware that the process of year-end accounting doesn’t begin on the last week of the year or the remaining few days of the year. The process initiates much in advance. This is so that if there are some pending invoices and some payments are due, they must be settled before the year ends because they took place in the ongoing financial year. You may need to send the invoices. You may need to send reminders. You may need to make sure that all the cash that the organization is supposed to receive, has been received, and all the cash that the organization needs to pay, has been paid. This is so that every possible transaction can be entered into the books.

Aside from income and expenses, there can be various financial transactions such as bills from vendors, payment to contractors, mileage logs, maintenance expenses, separation of personal and business expenses, legal fees, and such.

All these require lots of grind work. The good news is, as a public accounting firm in UK, you can easily outsource end-of-year accounting to an offshore partner like Aone Outsourcing Solutions.

On an average, year-end accounts preparation may include

  • Record historical balances
  • Record all your business transactions under the appropriate accounting codes
  • Reconciliate your bank statements
  • Review the general ledger
  • Reconciliate your VAT account
  • Reconciliate the HMRC reports
  • Check and verify accounts receivable
  • Check and verify accounts payable
  • Check and verify health checkups
  • Prepare the EOY work papers

A great thing about partnering with us is that we don’t initiate your end-of-year accounting process actually at the end of the year. We know that it is an ongoing process. We will track all the invoices and bills. We will track all the expenses and incomes. In fact, if we take care of bookkeeping for you, we already have all the needed information, and we can do end-of-year accounting for you seamlessly

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For tax returns, you declare your income and capital gains for the tax year under consideration. Then you can send this form to HM Revenue & Customs either on paper or online. The information that you submit is used to calculate how much tax you need to pay.

This service includes the followings

  • SA100 for individuals paying income tax
  • SA800 for partnerships
  • SA900 for Trust and Estate Tax Return
  • CT600 for companies paying corporation tax
  • VAT100 for value added tax

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your tax return preparation needs is that you move towards a paperless workflow. Everything happens digitally. You digitally transfer us all the records (even the digital scans of paper records) and then we enter all the details into your preferred accounting or tax calculation software. The information is meticulously entered under the right headings. They are checked and validated multiple times to make sure that there are no errors that can lead to miscalculations. Since everything happens digitally and online, we can even file the returns on your behalf.

As a public accounting firm in UK, you must be handling tax returns for multiple clients. Hence, you understand that although, the general perception is that the activities surrounding tax returns in UK (in fact, anywhere else in the civilised world) mostly happen somewhere near the end of the year, whether it is a small business or a large corporation, it is a year-round activity. Books must be kept. Records must be updated. Information must be saved under the right heads. All your expenses and incomes, assets and liabilities and other cash flow transactions, must be recorded in real-time otherwise, by the end of the year, it may be practically impossible to trace every transaction and then enter it under the right category.

Being an experienced offshore accounting services partner for many reputed accounting firms, Aone Outsourcing Solutions brings extensive experience to the table. Whatever you want done, we have already done. We have the resources. We have the skills. We have the qualified manpower. We are well acquainted with the tax laws of UK. All you need to do is, with our help, establish a system to transfer the raw data to us (using any one of the easily available cloud storage services) and we will make sure that the tax returns of your clients are impeccable. With our services, you can help your clients lower their tax returns and, in the process, maintain a healthy list of satisfied clients.

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Why Aone Outsourcing Solutions can be your best accounting and bookkeeping partner if you are a UK based public accounting firm

We are a team of experienced accountants, bookkeepers, and Indian Chartered Accountants. For many years we have been providing accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services to our partners based in the UK.

We understand that the economics of the world is going through a churning. Yes, in recent times, the Covid-19 pandemic has jolted the biggest economies of the world, there has been a constant need to cut costs and improve efficiency to facilitate faster growth and wider accommodation for more clients.

One of the most compelling reasons to outsource your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax reporting services from UK to India is the exchange rate variance. If you hire in-house staff, you pay your employees in UK pounds. On the other hand, we pay our employees in rupees. At a given time, even with fluctuations, one UK pound is equal to 90+ rupees. This can be a massive cost advantage for you.

Another advantage is that you immediately get access to massive and varied talent. You no longer need to depend on locally available talent that can be scarce and hence, expensive. India is a heavily populated country. It has its pros and cons, but one advantage is that when it comes to talent, we have got plenty. We have highly professional and experienced accountants, bookkeepers, and tax consultants. There may be a few differences in the tax laws of various countries, but fundamentally, they are the same. Through providing tax reporting services, our team members have acquired wide-ranging experience working with UK-based public accounting firms.

We have been doing accounting work for numerous public accounting firms in the UK for many years. We know the UK accounting system inside out. At the risk of boasting, we can say that we have developed expertise. This brings mistakes and errors almost to zero.

We are also a tech-savvy company. We leverage cloud storage services and other cloud platforms to make receiving and delivering data a breeze. We will make it extremely easy for you to upload all paper and digital documents so that our team can access them in real time. Then we will transfer the data under the appropriate accounting headers, and you will be able to access it through your own preferred accounting systems.

Through our services, you will be able to onboard more clients, manage bigger accounts, and considerably increase the amount of accounting data you can process in a short span of time.